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A subtle Reminder

 Today I decided to have a nice long hot bath, as I felt like I had been run over by a truck repeatedly . After managing to bottom bump up the stairs, it was heavenly to be able to relax in the bath. I cannot describe how blissful it was to let my muscles relax in the heat. However it turned out that the relaxation was not to last. Without thinking I poured the shower gel onto my right hand. Immediately my right hand and arm went into a rather painful spasm.

This was rather disappointing, as for the last few weeks my arm and hand have actually behaved rather well (as long as I am not cold), and I had reached a stage where I was not to worried about it if I was indoors. The only reason for my arm and hand going into spasm, which I can think of, is that the coldness of the shower gel on my hand, in comparison to the heat of the bath, set of the Dystonic reaction.

This seemed to then set the tone for the rest of the day. I attempted to get on with the day and relax, however my little Dystonia alien seemed to have other ideas. My leg over the whole day has played up, so I have tried to avoid using it as much as possible. During dinner my arm and hand again went into spasm, after I attempted to pick up my spoon with my right hand. This spasm then went on to last a good 40 or so minutes before relaxing.

However I am trying to think positively as this is the first time in awhile that my right arm and hand have played up. This is a reassuring thought, so I am not panicking to much. Today has reminded me that I cannot take the days when bits of my body behave for granted! I need to value each day of peace, as there is no way of knowing what will happen one day to the next!


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  1. linda Fiset said:

    Hi I had similar experiences. I had hearing test done. i have super sensitive hearing. I pick up vibrations, electromagnetic stuff, environmental stuff as well as sound as we perceive it, no hearing loss, so the small bone is not effected, which leaves the small muscles, which are also effected by dystonia, signals sent to mid brain, he test very high frequencies + I had a number of different movements, some strong, even though I did not register the sound, to high for humans. this caused facial movements also. You were interested in this i think. He explained it all to me, very interesting, explains how i can pick up pure electrical storms causing movements that are miles away-everything on this planet produces a sound of some form be it in frequencies etc. let me know if i have the right person, we are friends on face book and were talking the other night:)

  2. […] And, as a completely unrelated topic to this post just to give you all on update on my friend featured in the last post. She recently had an RDA riding lesson and absolutely loved it – it sounds like it couldn’t have been more perfect with trotting, singing and just generally being back in the saddle for her! So happy for her that all her pushing is beginning to bring her bits of positivity, and can’t wait to watch her move on to just bigger and better things. Anyone who missed reading it last time check out her blog here: […]

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