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Tea Party Success

Yesterday I threw a fund raising tea party to raise awareness and funds for The Dystonia Society. The day exceed my expectations by miles, which was fantastic! More people than I had anticipated turned up which was amazing and really added to the day! Our house was constantly filled with people drinking tea and eating a variety of cake!

What amazed me the most was how generous people were with their donations, it was really very touching! Lots of people read through the leaflets that the Dystonia Society had provided us with and asked me a lot of questions, this was fantastic as I felt that everyone there was really interested to learn more about Dystonia.

At one point in the afternoon I was shaking my sisters friends hand goodbye when my hand suddenly spasmed. I was slightly embarrassed as I was unable to let go of his hand and the spasm was just getting tighter, luckily he found it rather amusing and said it was fine and wiggled his fingers out of the spasms grasp. This provided great entertainment for everyone in the room and also showed them a glimpse of just what my little Dystonia alien could do.

By the end of the tea party I was completely and utterly exhausted, but over the moon by how much we had managed to raise! So far a grand total of £577.26 has been raised which is mind-blowing!!! Dystonia awareness week has only just begun though and my hair shall be staying blue for the week as part of the Go Blue Movement to raise awareness and funds for Dystonia. So if you would like to help me raise even more money for The Dystonia Society please visit my Just giving page .

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterdays fantastic tea party!


Comments on: "Tea Party Success" (6)

  1. Rebecca, What a fabulous idea. My very favorite meal in the world is a proper English Tea! Good for you. -Pamela-

  2. samcharvey said:

    Very pleased it went so well Rebecca and so many wonderful people supported you. Love you loads xx

  3. David Watson said:

    Very good on you!! I’ve been back in the states for 6 months and still do everything English. Although living in Texas people sometimes have difficulty understanding my accent. Funniest part is when I say where is the loo or I need to spend a penny and so on. I’ve got my PG tips and am just about to eat a digestive for pre brekkie. Full English and then a roast for Tea. Miss Fish&chips on a Friday:(

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  5. Vous êtes très bien avec les mots. Je suis sûr que vous avez travaillé très dur sur cet article, et cela se voit. Je suis d’accord avec beaucoup de votre matériel. J’ai apprécié cela et je serai de retour pour plus.

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