As many of you know I have had to resort to private medical treatment after exhausting the help the NHS could give me. Since starting private treatment I have made unbelievable progress in my fight against Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. However funds for this have almost run out. We need to raise £10,000 to fund my treatment if you can help or feel able to share the link to our fundraising page I would be very grateful.



2 thoughts on “Fundraising

  1. Hi Becca!

    We’re starting to compile December’s LDUK newsletter, and would love to have details of your fundraiser in the ‘featured fundraiser’ section, you indicated previously that you were interested in this. Please could you email with the link to the fundraiser, 100-200 words about your story and why you’re fundraising, and a picture you would like to be used.

    It’ll need to be with us by 24th November if you want it included in the December Newsletter.

    Good luck for your fundraising!



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