Disability Advocates

In this section you will find links to a range of people suffering from all kinds of chronic medical conditons. They are using their conditions to advocate in one way or another to make a difference for people with disabilities. I hope you find these links interesting. If you know someone who should be on this page message me!

Chelsey Jay – Chelsey Jay sufferers from POTS, this has caused her to be unable to finish her training as a nurse. However now she is taking on the fashion industry, and campaiging for diversity among models. http://www.chelseyjay.co.uk/  http://www.modelsofdiversity.org/

Neuronauts – A website bursting with information and support for Dystonia sufferers http://www.neuronautsnow.org/home.html

The Dystonia Society – This website is full of links, information and advice for patients, Drs and families. Their helpline service is a useful tool for many. http://www.dystonia.org.uk/

One thought on “Disability Advocates

  1. hi I read you wanted to hear from people who are individually trying to raise dystonia on uk awareness week.

    I have been doing the best I can so far

    my twitter account name is @joanne4142

    I wondered how I’m doing as I tweeting away but I’m not receiving notifications either from what I’ve sent or responses off who ive tweeted etc ????


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